Glossary: Water Pressure Key Terms
Water Pressure Tank
Designed to maintain a convenient, comfortable water pressure level at all times, water pressure tanks rely on air pressure to ensure a consistent, even flow of water to every tap in your home all day, everyday. There are primarily two types of water pressure tanks: diaphragm and galvanized. Diaphragm water pressure tanks (also called bladder tanks and captive tanks) are steel tanks that have a durable rubber diaphragm at the top of the tank, which separates the interior contents of air and water. Galvanized water pressure tanks are steel tanks that are designed to support a cushion of air at the top of the tank to maintain pressure. With both tanks, the air pressure allows water to be drawn from the tank without the pump having to run ever time a faucet it turned on - prolonging the life of your pump. Water pressure tanks vary in size from under one gallon to several hundred gallons.

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